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We enable businesses and policy makers to find innovative solutions to stubborn problems. We identify bottlenecks and build architectures that are sustainable in the long-term. Our solutions are customised to industry peculiarities and business climates.

Our services revolve around Web Scraping and Web/Mobile App Development . We help you not only built a feature-rich app but also plug in the data that powers the engines.

Web Scraping, Web App Development, Mobile App Development
Web Scraping Service, Web Crawling Service

Web Scraping: To help build your database

We enable you to get started with your business or research by getting you the data that you need most. Web scraping is a power way to harness the already existing unstructured data across the web. Our customized solution using a powerful parsing engine will enable you to spend much lesser and derive much more value while building a structured database.

Web & Mobile App Developer

Web & Mobile App Development

Engage us to build large scale web and mobile apps that are instantly deployable on the cloud. We use the best frameworks in the industry ensuring clean coding standards to bring modularity and re-usability. Whether your idea is a software tool, e-commerce portal or a service we can help you understand the technology stack required for your need and build it as well.

Laravel Developer

Laravel: Server-side PHP framework with MVC features

We have expertise in Laravel framework for back-end application architecture. This ensures that code is readable, with pre-defined folder structures and state-of-art ORM for database management. Besides, integrating third-party services is a breeze for any application using this framework. The latest version has support for real-time communications as well for chat and gaming applications.

Angular JS Developer

Angular JS: Client-side Javascript framework with MVC features

Angular JS is today's web standard for building front-end components for any web application. With top notch features such as MVC structure, two-way data binding, deep linking and dependency injection, any web application benefits from clean, re-usable code. In short, it enables developers to write less code while bringing in more better functionality. We will help you uncover the best way to implement this framework in your application. Real-time App Developer Open-source real-time communication built on Node.js

Web Sockets is all the buzz these days for achieving real-time communication in apps requiring chat, gaming, instant notifications, and others. We bring in our expertise with implementing based real-time features that have the advantage of a highly scalable Node.js server in the background ensuring thousands of concurrent connections. Clean source ensuring ECMA 6 standards with Promises and inherent Async functionality are bound to deliver blazing performance for your app.

MySQL or Mongo DB Admin

MySQL or Mongo DB: Choice of SQL or NoSQL technology for database

We offer the flexibility of choosing a database based on your application's need. If your data is highly structured then you can benefit from MySQL's pre-defined table structure that can be queried using standard SQL. On the other hand, if your data is evolving and you would like to store just about any category on-the-fly then Mongo DB is just as easy to implement. We will help you make a studied decision of choice of DB for your application.

Ionic App Developer

Ionic Hybrid Apps: Single code base deployed across iOS, Android, Windows and others

Hybrid App development enables a single code base to be used across any mobile device or tablet. Write the code once and deploy it with optimizations for all platforms at once. The Ionic framework is today's standard for building hybrid apps that use plain HTML, CSS and JS. Moreover, developers don't waste time learning new technologies since these are the same things used in making web applications.

Wordpress Company Websites, Wordpress E-Commerce Portals

Wordpress Portals: For stunning company websites and e-commerce portals

Wordpress allows the use of themes that can instantly change the look and feel of your company website, product portfolio or personal website. Besides, with the increased availability of highly customizable plugins, full-fledged e-commerce portals can be built using Wordpress. If you need a quick turn around of your website then Wordpress is a definitive answer. We will help you select themes and plugins required for your needs and install them with required customizations to enure that your portal is eye-catching and trendy.